First, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Dr. Lisa Brinn. I joined the practice as a part-time family physician in March 2022. I was hired to increase access to care for our patients and to make Dr. Oriel more available for LGBTQIA+ outreach and advocacy (and to maybe let her have a weekend off here and there!). I’m writing to you today because I thought you might want to know how someone new to Out Health sees all that our supporters helped build.

In my twenty-plus years as a doctor, I have never seen a patient care environment as special as the one at Out Health.

In my twenty-plus years as a doctor, I have never seen a patient care environment as special as the one at Out Health. At check in, there are signs this is an exceptional clinic—the “youbeyou” Wi-Fi log-in, the basket of free pronoun pins, the rainbow mountain mural in the intake room. Despite our small size, donor support has ensured patient care occurs in comfortable exam rooms, using an electronic health record and updated equipment (hurray for new exam tables!). The pace of visits allows time to address the whole person, including the effects life experiences may have had on social and mental health. At the core is a shared passion for making everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, known and supported.

Unfortunately, there are very few spaces in today’s taxed and bureaucratic health care system where this kind of personalized medicine can thrive. I feel truly blessed to be a family doctor in one of them. Thank you for helping make this magic happen!

I am especially proud of the care we can offer our transgender patients at a time of increasing need. Recent legislation, online hate speech, and threats to gender care providers in the U.S. have placed an extra burden the transgender community, especially our most vulnerable transgender youth.

Thankfully, here at Out Health:

  • families of trans kids find a safe, accessible place to understand their child’s experience and, if needed, start appropriate medical treatment
  • young adults can continue their gender transition, even if they are underinsured or uninsured
  • gender diverse couples find ways to grow their families
  • senior transgender individuals—some who started their gender journey with Dr. Oriel years ago—thrive as their authentic selves

All this gives me hope for the future.

You too, our greater Out Health community, give me hope for the future. Thank you for the support you give to the people in your own lives who may be struggling with their health, questioning their identity, or fighting a substance use problem. If you look at your end-of-year finances and find you have resources to share, we will, as always, be grateful for your contribution to our efforts.

Best wishes for 2023!

Lisa Brinn, M.D
Family physician
Out Health
5231 University Ave
Madison, W