Insurance Coverage

For doctors and other health care providers in private practice, each physician or practice group applies to different health care insurances (payers) to be credentialed. What credentialing essentially means is that the insurance company agrees to pay a certain amount for the health care provided. The doctor (or designee) basically agrees to treat people well, to follow the laws about medical care, follow certain rules each insurer has specifically, and usually the contract specifies that the health care professional not talk about the contract and what’s in it. (That’s a single physician’s take on this gig without a lot of lawyerly details.)

*Insurances that will cover OUT Health

  • The Alliance
  • Dean
  • Humana: currently negotiating
  • Multiplan/Aetna
  • Quartz
  • United Healthcare
  • WEA Trust
  • WPS

*Since plans vary from person to person, you should always check in with your insurance provider before any clinic visits, surgery, tests, or treatments are performed. This will ensure you have a better understanding of what will be paid by your insurance company and what expenses you will be responsible for paying.

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