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OUT HEALTH is committed to providing quality, compassionate, innovative care. Both radical and retro. The people we care for are diverse in age, health condition and social circumstance. We advocate for the improved health and healthcare of all people, especially the populations we serve. We understand that we must both provide care today and shape the health care of tomorrow.

OUT HEALTH is a safe, warm, welcoming environment. We are non-judgmental and down to earth. You can be gay, straight, pan or asexual. You can be trans or cis or non-binary. You can be in recovery or not so much. You can be worried or not sure. It’s okay. It’s your story and we believe you.


Family Medicine is a medical specialty committed to providing care to people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and health conditions. OUT HEALTH 's providers are committed to providing care to each individual in the context of their lives, self-identified families and communities. Continuity of care means providing care to the same people over time.


We have extensive experience in hormonal therapy for gender transition, fertility options for queer families, puberty blocking for appropriate adolescents, sexually transmitted infection testing, HIV treatment and prevention including PreP. We understand that more than a single letter defines you and we will tailor your care to the individual you are.


OUT HEALTH understands that addiction is a brain disease that affects behavior and recurs frequently over time. Like many medical problems, addiction issues are often inherited. Medications can assist you in feeling better as you work toward your recovery, whether Suboxone(TM) Vivitrol(TM) or other medications.


The vision of OUT HEALTH is to develop and implement programs that inspire the affirmation, inclusion, and integration of LGBTQ people in all spaces. OUT HEALTH doesn’t only work to provide services to improve individual quality of life, we also work OUT HEALTH for systems and cultural change in order to reduce disparities and expand meaningful access to equitable care.

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